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“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

--Stephen King

Sharon Goldinger, Darlene Quinn, Don Westenhaver

Speaker: Sharon Goldinger, Darlene Quinn, Don Westenhaver

Date: December 20, 2014

"The Complete Writer: Advice on Craft, Publishing, and Marketing"

Sharon Goldinger, PeopleSpeak, is a publishing consultant, book shepherd, and editor specializing in the nonfiction book industry. Her business, marketing, and editorial experience ranges from small publishers to Fortune 500 companies and from national organizations to Capitol Hill. Under her guidance, Sharon's clients have published and authored award-winning books.


Darlene Quinn is an award-winning author and journalist from Long Beach, California. Her series of novels, Webs of Power, Webs of Fate and Twisted Webs and Unpredictable Webs have garnered International critical acclaim and have given her an avid fan base around the world. The fifth novel in her Webs Series, Conflicting Webs, is scheduled for release in early 2015.

Quinn finished Buddy Ebsen’s incomplete manuscript for a Barnaby Jones novel she titled Sizzling Cold Case, which was released in January 2007. In addition, she has published articles in both “Inskeeping World” and “Savvy Magazine”, highlighting the business knowledge she gained during her time at Bullocks Wilshire Department Stores.

Quinn became interested in storytelling at an early age but did not begin writing until her adult life. Prior to being an author, Quinn was a teacher, a self-improvement and modeling instructor, and a private contractor for various department stores and hospitals. She has two children, John and Jodie, and lives with her artistic husband in Long Beach, California.


Don Westenhaver served with the Marines in Vietnam as a radioman and interpreter. His fascination with different cultures grew with many visits to Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa as a finance executive. These experiences inspired his first two novels. His third and fourth novels, Nero’s Concert and Alexander’s Lighthouse, spring from Don’s life-long interest in ancient Rome, backed up by intense research and many travels. He and his wife have two daughters and two grandchildren. They volunteer at four different charities and like to travel, play golf, read novels, and hang out with the grandkids.


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Mark Sevi

Speaker: Mark Sevi


Mark Sevi returns to SCWA after a four year sabbatical. In his twenty year writing career, he’s sold twenty-five scripts and has nineteen movies produced. He teaches screenwriting and is the founder of the Orange County Screenwriters Association.

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