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“Which of us has not felt that the character we are reading in the printed page is more real than the person standing beside us?”

--Cornelia Funke

Antoinette Kuritz

Speaker: Antoinette Kuritz

Date: August 16, 2014

"How and Why to Build a Platform Before Publication"

Platform, platform, platform. Agents may love your manuscript or proposal, but they ask: what's the platform. Distributors may love your book, but within the application paperwork is, "What's the platform?" Publishers may think your topic is hot and the writing exceptional, but still they ask, "What's the platform?"

So, what is a platform? How do you create one? Once you create it, how do you use it? And why is it suddenly so important to authors? Join us for an interactive discussion that will answer these questions and more - and just might set you on the road to building a great platform of your own. Please bring a 35 word description of your book project with you, and if you already believe you have built your platform, bring a 35 word description of it, as well.

A literary publicist and book project manager with a real understanding of the publishing industry, Antoinette Kuritz is the CEO of The Kuritz Group, Inc., an organization with includes STRATEGIES Literary PR, The La Jolla Writers Conference, and Writer’s Roundtable radio show. Anticipating the upcoming evolution in the publishing industry, when she founded the LJWC in 2001 she insisted the conference cover the art, craft, and business of writing – and that all who participated as organizers or faculty of the conference do it to pay it forward to aspiring authors. An avid reader and self-proclaimed writer groupie, in her day job Antoinette has worked with authors as varied as Victor Villasenor, psychic medium John Edward, legendary Joe Wambaugh, NY Times bestselling author James Rollins, and young adult author John H. Ritter. STRATEGIES Literary PR is best known for taking books from idea to success.

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