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I can't imagine a romance novel published today where the hero rapes the heroine and she falls in love with him.

--Julia Quinn

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Date: January 19, 2019

Speaker: David Putnam

Topic: "Dave on Writing"

David Putnam

Best-selling author David Putnam comes from a family of law enforcement and always wanted to be a cop. During his career, he did it all: worked in narcotics, served on FBI-sponsored violent crimes teams, and was cross-sworn as a US Marshall, pursuing murder suspects and bank robbers in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Putnam did three tours on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s SWAT team, executing dynamic entries, hostage rescues, and serving as team sniper. He has also worked in criminal intelligence and internal affairs and has supervised corrections, patrol, and a detective bureau. In Hawaii, Putnam worked as Special Agent for the Attorney General investigating smuggling and white-collar crimes. The Reckless is the sixth in the Bruno Johnson series.

He will discuss the 4 c's, the five things a scene needs to work, MAR, Motivation, Action Reaction, and the three parts of voice.

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Upcoming February 16, 2019:

Speaker: Janis Thomas

Date: February 16, 2019

Topic: "TBD"

Janis Thomas

Janis loves to create stories that entertain, that provide an escape, that touch readers and possibly make them think or reassess or rediscover. She loves to create characters that become friends, to whom readers can relate, characters that make you care about what happens to them and who linger with you long after you put the book down. 

Her latest novel, What Remains True (Dec.1, 2017, Lake Union) is a story of domestic suspense. It was chosen for the Kindle First program for November and is already a bestseller! Her latest novel, All That's Left of Me is available on Amazon.