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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest


Will Write 4 Food: Winning Stories May 2011


May First Place Winner
                                         Naïve   by Mary Galliani

     I can’t believe I could get so lost.  I followed the map, but somehow I made a left when I should have made a right.
     Just how lucky am I you came along and invited me to your home.  Do you go around helping distressed motorists all the time?  Thank you so much for the hot chocolate. 
     By the way your place is lovely.  Oh look at all those beautiful women in those photos; are they your daughters?  That blond, the second from the left looks just like a young woman I read about.  She disappeared while traveling to her college.  It was a terrible story.  The police searched for days, but they never found her. 
    Anyway, thank you again for the delicious hot chocolate, but I had better get back on the road.  My family will be worried about me.   If I don’t drive all night, I’ll never get to Miami in time.  Did I tell you, my best friend is getting married, and I am going to be her maid of honor?
     Wow! I’m beginning to feel a little woozy,  I can’t imagine why.  You didn’t put something in my drink, did youy?  No, of course you didn’t.  I’m just freaking out because I remembered the story of that poor blond.  A lovely couple like you would never do such a thing.  Or would you?
May Honorable Mention
                                     Where Is Home?    by Sonia Marsh
    Coffee and adventure flow in my veins; there is no blood left. 
    After three months home, it’s time to experience a new place, a new adventure. So where is home?
    That’s a good question.
    Like most kids who’ve been uprooted from one continent to the next, home is anywhere, yet nowhere.
    I feel different, I always have. I don’t belong in one place or one country. As long as it’s temporary, I can cope. The world has too much to offer to stay put.
    I get bored with routine. Target, malls, and movies signify a conventional life, but I seek the unconventional. Give me the dry grass planes of the Serengeti with Cape buffalo migrating any day. 
    So where am I heading this time? Panama, Vanuatu, or Bora Bora? Anywhere, if I could afford it.
    My father taught me not to be scared of planes, even when they make emergency landings. My first rush of adrenaline happened at five, when our propeller plane landed in a ditch in Lagos, Nigeria. “Do it again,” I said, hoping the pilot would try it one more time.
    My second rush of adrenaline happened over Greenland, when I was nine. My parents sent me alone from Paris to Los Angeles. I looked out of the window and noticed smoke and flames from the jet engine closest to me. The flight attendant looked scared, but I thought this was part of the entertainment.
    Now all I want is coffee and a map.  




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