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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest


Will Write 4 Food: Winning Stories August 2011


August First Place Winner
                                        “Moo-n Shot”
By Catharine Bellot
She wasn’t sure how it happened. One minute she’d been on the job, working with the Borden Account, checking with Ferdinand over in the next cubical about dinner plans for Jack’s House ‘O Beans (“Enjoy our elevated Strato-Dining lounge as the Giant’s Wife takes your dinner order!”) and the next minute . . .
“I’m dreaming,” she mumbled, looking around the meadow. It hadn’t escaped her notice that the place was filled with buttercups.  “I’m taking a little nap at my stall, and everything will make sense when I wake up.”
In the meantime, she had a Cud Lite, and flicked a few flies, enjoying the moment. So peaceful. So relaxing. Not like the bustle of the herd, everyone tooting their own horns and stampeding home. Some days it seemed forever before she could hit the hay, but then again, everyone knew how long it took for the cows to come home.
“Okay Ma’am, we’re at T-minus sixty,” a voice announced in her ear tag. “And this one’s gonna bring the boys to the yard for sure!”
“T-Minus?” She looked around again, and snorted. “Excuse me, but I think there’s been some mistake?”
“No Ma’am. We have lift-off in forty seconds and counting; your methane levels are looking good for the boosters.”
She felt a rumble, and quickly swallowed. A quick glance skyward revealed the curving crescent high above; the mere sight of it made her stomachs tighten in happy anticipation.
“Dreams,” she said to herself, “Dreams can come true.”





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