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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest


Will Write 4 Food: Winning Stories January 2010



First Place:


By Joyce Wheeler  

   Susanne promised her High Schooled brother, Ed, that she would not tell their parents of his dangerous exploits. It was a constant quiver in her mind as she watched his indiscretions. Susanne had just entered ninth grade whereas Ed was quite experienced. She observed him with his girlfriend who had punctured her lip with a safety pin and had a tongue stud and she knew Ed was straying into forbidden territory. Those two would duck into bathrooms then exit looking flushed.
    If Ed was not careful he would father a child who would desperately need a rational mother. Susanne decided that if that occurred, and it easily might, she would offer her babysitting services. Susanne was on the college path but she might be the victim of Ed’s poor choices.
    Susanne wanted to tell her parents about Ed having a stash of weed in the basement. This could destroy Ed’s future and she loved him immensely so she created a way that she could tell them without uttering a word. That way she wouldn't have actually told them and she could keep her word.
    The next time Ed slipped down into the basement with his girlfriend to practice their indiscretions Susanne appeared at the kitchen door where her mother was creating one of her culinary masterpieces. She placed her two fingers across her lips imitating smoking and tapped her mother who seemed perplexed. Susanne’s mother responded, “Why do you want me to hush?”


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