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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest


Will Write 4 Food: Winning Stories July 2009


First Place:

Little Davie and I

By Victory Crayne

On a cool autumn day my humans took me camping. Mom, for that seemed to be her name, yelled, “Davie, stay close to us, hon. Let me see you at all times, okay?”
“Okay, Mom,” replied my buddy.
We managed to stretch our legs while playing our favorite game, Catch Me If You Can.
Oh my gosh, there’s water here too. What fun! Without a thought, I splashed in, Little Davie not far behind.
Oh these rocks are slippery. Down I went, up to my neck in the cold rushing water. But I knew how to swim and got my four legs busy right away.
The sound of a scream caught my attention and I turned about. But all I could see was the top of Little Davie’s red head. That’s not right. So I turned as best I could and paddled toward him.
Alas, Little Davie went rushing by in the middle of the stream, with only a “Mom!” to tell me he was still alive.
I paddled faster than ever before and twice I went under. But Davie needed me so I kept trying. I’m coming, Davie!
I paddled and paddled and paddled and soon saw his jacket. I bit into it and turned toward the shore. My gosh, he’s heavy! But I can’t let go of Davie now!
That night, Little Davie and I slept in the back of the SUV and I got to sleep in my own bag!

Honorable Mention:

Wilder Watching

By Joyce Wheeler

The last day of elementary school prior to Winter Break, Billy felt as if he was sliding on fish. Routine disappeared until he connected with smooth wooden flooring beneath his sneakers.
Dog treats, muffins and cranberry juice appeared on the marble counter. His delightful mom announced that Billy, and his dog Wilder, could camp out in sleep pouches in the living area. Once his fire fighting daddy was safely home, camping would be under Moon and its awesome companions. After positioning Daddy's huge boots on the front porch to discourage intruders, Mom retreated to the emptiness of a kingsized bed.
Billy's pet mice were white and one of the descendents, A. Nony Mouse (anonymous) scampered by the fireplace. Wilder investigated but quietly allowed A. Nony Mouse its area - away from Billy. Soon, the brown and white mouse fled from Wilder to its vanishing place where it could simply be A. Nony Mouse.
Wilder slipped backwards, nearly disengaging his neck scarf, into the sleeping pouch. He was determined to protect Billy through the night.
Consequently, Wilder was awake when the small plugged appliance spontaneously caught fire in the kitchen. Persistent howling and barking awakened termites, mice and mother. Wilder knocked the telephone off when it rang which alerted Billy's heroic, grateful father who saved the campsite home and all its life sparked spirits. A. Nony Mouse survived


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