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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest


Will Write 4 Food: Winning Stories March 2009


First Place:

By Joyce Wheeler


Alanna had a penchant for attracting busboys to her bosom. Cleavage was revealed long before the first three buttons of her cotton blouse slipped from their slits. Facially flawless, inno­cence glimmered. Pinches created cheek color and stimulated a subtle hue in gently pressed lips. This Teen beauty seemed less complicated than a stream revealing partially scoured pebbles.

Music cacophony vibrated from the Drive-In & Cafe jukebox. The distracted Soda Jerk placed a rootbeer float. She straw­stirred it before tasting. She had a profound look as if she had just ingested Tolstoy.

Two carhops skated near her to locate the manager. The pret­tier one glanced back as she hissed, "One day, I am going to get that Alanna 86'd."

Outside, in the car service areaT was a shed containing stacked bricks. These were the remains of an outside restroom which had crumbled twenty years earlier in the 1933 California earthquake. Utilizing the original plumbing was a wooden re­placement.

Alanna paid for the float, left change, and walked swiftly past hamburger devouring, hormonal teens in pastel cars toward the restroom. She tried to glide so her breasts wouldn't bounce .... Captured by tiny bows on each side of her face, a river of straw­berry blonde tresses flowed on her erect back.

The stacked shed reminded her of a horrific insult she had endured when she had been told by a desired athlete, "Girl, you are built like a brick outhouse!"


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