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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

October 2006 Winner: Gayle Carline, Almost
Honorable Mention: Madlyn Springston, Going Home
Honorable Mention: Bert MIllspaugh, First Flight

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October 2006
Honorable Mention

First Flight
by Bert Millspaugh

    Wilbur and Orville had worked day and night testing the flight controls on their air vehicle.
Wilbur, glared, as he glanced at his brother. "We'd better make her fly this year or I'm going back to making bicycles."
     "It'll fly," Orville answered. "Just a few more tests."
"How many years have I heard that? Running tests, five years, ten years. I'm getting old."
     "Aw come on, Wilbur. Besides, you get to fly her this time. We both know it'll be a success." Eventually, he muttered to himself.
     Wilbur reluctantly climbed into the seat. He gave his brother the high sign and took off. The ship raced across the barren field, red dust billowing up around it. When the craft landed, Orville, their maintenance crew, and sightseers greeted him with enthusiasm.
     As the pilot climbed down, his brother slapped him on the back. "You did it brother, you did it. Now, we are ready for the final test."
     Wilbur smiled at his brother, a smile that turned to a grin. We're ready, aren't we. It's hard to believe. And there she lies, there's our goal.
     The two men stared across the solar system at the blue agate planet flickering in the distance.


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