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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

October 2006 Winner: Gayle Carline, Almost
Honorable Mention: Madlyn Springston, Going Home
Honorable Mention: Bert MIllspaugh, First Flight

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October 2006
Honorable Mention

Going Home
by Madlyn Springston

     "Oh boy, Harry, this is the greatest!" Sam Morrison settled back into the plush recliner and tugged at his seatbelt. He beamed an open grin at his life-long pal.
     "You're not kidding, Sam! This reminds me of that old flight-to-the-moon ride at Disneyland. But it's real, Sam! It's the real thing!"
     The two old men shared an appreciative moment of silence while they studied the porthole-like viewers. The moon was getting closer, and the earth farther away.
     "I have to admit," Sam said, " I was skeptical when we first went to that seminar. But at this point in our lives, what else is there to do with our money?"
     "Welcome to your journey to Heavenly Homestead!" Their personal TV screens turned on with soothing music, displaying a scene resembling a huge sno-globe. The camera panned in on arboreal paths, shimmering pools, and happy groups of seniors at play. While they enjoyed the show, a young hostess stepped into the chamber and handed them each a sparkling drink.
     "I tell ya, Harry, this is the life!"
     They clinked glasses and settled back in in contentment. Before long, Sam's glass dropped to the carpeted floor. Soon after, Harry's glass also fell from his limp hand. A side panel slid open and sunlight flooded the room as two men in white jackets entered. "Let's hurry up and get these two stiffs outta here and set up for tomorrow's 'trip'."


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