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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

October 2006 Winner: Gayle Carline, Almost
Honorable Mention: Madlyn Springston, Going Home
Honorable Mention: Bert MIllspaugh, First Flight

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This image used courtesy of the Geek Philosopher Website -  http://geekphilosopher.com

October 2006 Winner
by Gayle Carline

    “This place creeps me out.”
    “Stop whining, Harold,” Ken snapped. “We’re almost there.”
    Three pairs of feet shuffled through the trees, crackling leaves and churning dust. Suddenly the forest halted and the trio spurted into the open. Standing on the grassy ledge, they were greeted by the pale white moon, staring at its reflection in the lake.
    “Is that moon full?” asked Harold. “It looks full to me.”
     “It’s not quite full,” Ken said.
     “It looks very full to me,” Harold continued. “If it’s full, there could be werewolves out here.”
    “It’s not full,” Ken repeated, “and werewolves aren’t real, you moron.”
    “They are so real, Ken. My cousin’s dentist’s niece says her neighbor saw one.”
     Ken sighed. “Your cousin’s dentist’s whatever is a moron. Tell him, Lydia.”
     The auburn-haired girl stood silently, her thoughts engulfed by the giant orb.
    Still watching the moon, she answered, “It doesn’t matter if there are werewolves or not, Harold. See how fuzzy the bottom of the moon is? That means it’s not full.”
     Harold studied the sky. “You sure? No werewolves tonight?”
     “No, Harold,” Lydia said. “No werewolves tonight.”
     “Shut up about the werewolves!” hissed Ken. “You are both insane!”
     The three friends started down the path to the lake, Lydia bringing up the rear. She strolled slowly, watching the boys and rubbing her ears. “No, no werewolves tonight,” she whispered to herself. Fingering the tufts of hair that had sprouted, Lydia smiled. “But maybe tomorrow.”


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