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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

May 2006 Winner: H. Henry Minick, HORRORS!
Honorable Mention: Carol L. Gandolfo, Cotton
Honorable Mention: Mike Dunn,Circus
Honorable Mention: Joyce E. Wheeler, Waiting For Grandpa
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May 2006 Honorable Mention
by Mike Dunn

     Winston used to love the circus. He was fascinated by all things three rings related. Applause would echo in his head as images of lion tamers and tight rope walkers performed their routines in his imagination. More than once, had he been caught pondering the classic enigma, "How could so many clowns fit into such a small car?" Yes, there was a time when Winston loved the circus. He was twelve when he decided to run away and join them. Year one flew by. He didn't mind trimming the bearded woman's goatee and feeding the animals was almost always an adventure filled with snapping teeth and the threat of limb loss. His love affair with the circus would soon end, though. Year three found Winston questioning how much more he could endure. He threatened to leave if he had to scoop up after the elephants just one more time. Unfortunately for him, the Ringmaster had the strong man keep an eye on him.and needless to say, there was much more Pachyderm poop in store for Winston. Year fifteen brought hope. After fending off numerous romantic advances from the Siamese Twins and several failed attempts as the "Human Cannonball", twenty-seven year old Winston was offered an opportunity. "Find a replacement and we'll let you go." sneered the Ringmaster. Winston sat in the railcar as it pulled to a stop. He thought about how much he used to love the circus as he spotted an unsuspecting twelve year old in the crowd.


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