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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

May 2006 Winner: H. Henry Minick, HORRORS!
Honorable Mention: Carol L. Gandolfo, Cotton
Honorable Mention: Mike Dunn,Circus
Honorable Mention: Joyce E. Wheeler, Waiting For Grandpa
View the 2006 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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May 2006 Honorable Mention
by Carol L. Gandolfo

     Sarah stood on the back porch of her large house and watched the man load bales of cotton onto the truck. She pondered the situation for a few minutes then called him over to help her move some boxes in the kitchen. After showing him the boxes, she asked. "What's your name?" "Joe Pickler," he responded, "But everyone calls me Cotton." Sarah giggled. As he bent to pick up another box and carry it into the storage room, she reached up and removed a comb from her hair. Long auburn curls fell to her shoulders. When Cotton turned, she ran the tip of her tongue over her tinted lips and smiled at him. An hour later, Cotton emerged from his employer's home and returned to his job loading bales of cotton onto farm truck. Inside the kitchen, Sarah's face turned scarlet as she thought about what she had been thinking of doing to get back at her husband for his numerous and long absences and indifference. She took a sip from her glass of lemonade and looked at the empty glass on the table across from her. Slowly, she got to her feet, picked up the glass and took them both to the sink. As she washed them, she smiled. She thought about the conversation she had just had with Cotton about his wife and daughter. She envied his wife for being married to a man who told loving stories about his family and showed respect for the woman in his life. Sarah reached for a cloth to wipe the glass she was holding and looked forward to Sunday when Cotton would bring his family for a visit.


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