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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

March 2006 Winner: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Arrow and Coyote
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Psy.D., The Tent
Honorable Mention: Donna Holland, Lost and Found
Honorable Mention: Glenda Rynn, The Restless One
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March 2006 Honorable Mention
The Restless One
by Glenda Rynn

    Ahote (Restless One) and I had been friends long before his father Aponivi (Where the Wind Blows Down the Gap) died. Together as boys we had learned to ride and hunt.
    But after the uneasy truce between our village and the white man’s settlement, Ahote began going often to where those Cowboys drank firewater. Our braves scorned him, calling him “Cowboy” and spitting into the dust. Later he began wearing a Cowboy hat and clothes.
    Soon I, Cha’Kwaina (One Who Cries), joined him in town and let the Cowboys’ firewater also give me dreams of buffalo hunts long ago. I put Cowboy clothes over my own and a Cowboy hat where eagle feathers should have been. Firewater gave a great thirst.
One night, returning in dark hours and sick with firewater’s vengeance, we stumbled against the tribes’ horses and spooked some, who ran. Tripping and falling, we crept into Ahote’s tent, where his lonely mother slept to one side.
    “Get up! Get up!” Ahote’s married sister shook us awake. “Istaqu (Coyote Man) is howling that the Indian Cowboys scared off his horse. He and Kotori (Screech Owl Spirit) and others are on their way to kill you! They say you are no longer Indian.”
Ahote pulled himself up and stepped through the tent door. I stripped down to my loincloth and stepped to the doorway.
    “What are we going to do?” Ahote yelped.
    Straightening my back, I cried, “What do you mean we, Cowboy?”


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