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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

March 2006 Winner: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Arrow and Coyote
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Psy.D., The Tent
Honorable Mention: Donna Holland, Lost and Found
Honorable Mention: Glenda Rynn, The Restless One
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March 2006 Honorable Mention
Lost and Found
by Donna Holland

    The dream exists “to be a fly on the wall…”, but I have achieved one better, for I am the walls. I am the great buffalo who gives meat to the People. I sleep with them, clothe them in warmth and shelter them from the elements. They decorate with my bones, and dance and sing in homage to me, the great giver of abundance. I am the home that travels, like the snail’s shell, I am constant. That is why it is fitting for me to stand with the Chief and his son, for I am family. Within my walls prayers like smoke have risen to the Great Mystery, prayers of a father for his son; a leader for his tribe.
    These are the days of change for the People. The white man’s ways are strong, and stampede all in their path. They have no reverence for that which they cannot comprehend. It has become necessary to join the stampede or be trampled.
    These are the lessons of being human and vulnerable. This is a time when the young have forgotten the dream of wisdom. The young have severed themselves from the harmony of all creation. They seek acceptance from those who rob them of balance, who lead them away from the Great Spirit.
    There is sadness in the Chief’s heart for he has seen the path ahead. He knows of the fog coming to blanket his nation in confusion. He sees the crazy-maker in his son’s eyes. But the spirit whispers, ”While lost, one discovers the wisdom and joy in being found.” This is the game of the Great Mystery, the path to balance and understanding, and the strength of a nation’s future. This is the spirit of the lost and found.


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