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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

March 2006 Winner: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Arrow and Coyote
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Psy.D., The Tent
Honorable Mention: Donna Holland, Lost and Found
Honorable Mention: Glenda Rynn, The Restless One
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March 2006 Honorable Mention
The Tent
by Carol Gandolfo, Psy.D.

    From under the black cloth, the photographer called "smile," and a flash filled the air. The two men blinked. Once their eyes had cleared, they watched as the man picked up his camera and moved toward other men crouched over the stream panning for gold. Old Sam turned toward the chief and grinned. He held up a coin the photographer had given him to take his picture.
    "Let's get a whiskey," he said. Chief Longhorn nodded and began to remove his headdress. Old Sam started walking toward town and the saloon.
    The chief looked around. Nothing.
    The chief turned around and saw a delicate hand holding aside the flap on the tent. He moved forward and peered inside. Sitting back on her knees was a young woman. Her hair hung in long, ebony braids, decorated with turquoise beads. She was sitting back on her heels and looking up at the chief. She smiled and beckoned to him.
    "Please come in," she invited.
    He looked at the soft bearskin rug under her smooth brown legs. She was wearing a buttery soft buckskin dress, barely covering her knees. He smiled, lifted the tent flaps and entered. Old Sam turned just as the chief entered the tent. What is he doing? He turned and walked back toward the tent. He pulled aside the canvas and looked inside. The tent was empty.


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