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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

June 2006 Winner: Barbara Schnell , Illumination
Honorable Mention: Carol L. Gandolfo, Gray Lady
Honorable Mention: Mike Dunn, Moving On
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This image used courtesy of the Geek Philosopher Website -  http://geekphilosopher.com

June 2006 Winner
by Barbara Schnell

The sun had set and the moon was rising when the elderly woman shepherded the last earnest tourist and yawning schoolchild out of the lighthouse and locked the door. She wearily climbed to the top of the lighthouse to join her husband who was polishing the giant elliptical lens with a rag.
“They’re all gone,” the woman sighed.
“Make any money off ‘em?” the husband asked.
“Enough to convince them they’re saving history,” returned the woman.
“It’s a good excuse for the lighthouse but I miss the old days when people thought we were protecting ships from rocks,” said the old man meditatively. “I loved those sailing ships. The tankers just aren’t the same.”
“No, they’re not,” agreed the woman. “Time to turn on the light?”
“Yup, might as well get comfortable.”
The couple pulled off their latex masks to reveal bald, gray heads with enormous eyes. The man flipped the switch of the massive lantern and the couple shielded their faces as it turned.
“The ship was parked behind Jupiter,” the old man finally said. “Shouldn’t take more than half an hour to land. We can leave after we brief the new team.”
“After two hundred years I thought I’d be glad to leave,” the woman said. “But I think I’m going to miss these specimens.”
“That’s why they transfer us to new labs,” her partner said. “We get attached.”
The woman nodded and sadly watched as the light guided the starship to Earth.


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