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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

January 2006 Winner: Tony Stoklosa, The Argument
Honorable Mention: Mike Dunn, A Shining Mistake
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Topaz Morning
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January 2006 Honorable Mention
A Shining Mistake
by Mike Dunn

    Jerry Wiggam sat mesmerized as he gazed upon the scene outside the frost covered cabin window. This was the first time the six-year-old had ever witnessed snow anywhere other than his family's fourteen inch Zenith relic. His breath fogged the window as he took in a world blanketed in white. When he cleared the view with his sleeve, he noticed a distant speck advancing towards the cabin from the horizon. This brown dot adrift a sea of snow grew larger by the second. First, it sprouted arms.then, legs.then, a head. That's when Jerry Wiggam began to worry. The speck was becoming a man, and not just any ordinary man, a crazed man dragging an ax. The boy was certain that the man meant him harm, but Jerry's lungs could only muster enough air for a whimper. His pulse raced as the man limped closer. Anxiety overtook him and he weakly slipped out of view and onto the wooden floor. Then it happened -- THWACK! The ax tore through the front door.
    The man peered through the opening and screamed, "Heeeerrrrre's Johnny!" Seconds passed and then something odd happened. The man's face drained of all crazy mannerisms as he flatly asked Jerry, "This isn't the Overlook Hotel, is it?"
    Jerry shook his head "no".
    "Gee. I'm sorry about the door. This is so embarrassing.must have the wrong address. Look, I'm gonna go." And just like that, the man limped off into the horizon. From that day on, Jerry Wiggam hated snow.


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