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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

February 2006 Winner: Donna Holland, Enjoy Your Flight
Honorable Mention: Janet DeMarco, King of the Road
Honorable Mention: Dorrie Lloyd, The Bag Man
View the 2006 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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February 2006 Honorable Mention
The Bag Man
by Dorrie Lloyd

    Charlie's feet hurt. Sweat leaked between his toes. He shifted weight fromfoot to foot, leaned on the shopping cart, rubbed his back against the building. Nothing helped. He'd glared at the blonde pony-tailed woman standing on the corner for an hour. Long enough to burn a hole in her head. She hadn't moved.
    The brimmed hat didn't help. He was hot. The corner had a tree. And a fire hydrant to rest his butt on.
    Red Dave shuffled up. "Whatcha doin' here, Charlie?" He wiped the back of his dirty hand against his mustard-smeared mouth and looked at the blonde.
    "Watch my stuff, willya?" Charlie scuffled off without waiting for an answer. Red would wait. Charlie shambled toward the blonde.
    "Have some water," she said, pointing a bottle toward him. He grunted.
    She laughed. "Your corner? It's a public street." Charlie looked at her. "Sorry, bud," she said. The smile disappeared. "I need to stay put. Here's a couple of bucks. Go buy yourself a bottle. I'll be gone by the time you're finished."
    Charlie looked at the water bottles and the stuffed shopping bag. He sighed.
    "Yep" He stretched and held his hat in the air. A dented blue Ford careened up to the curb.
    "I'm a cop. You're under arrest." Charlie smiled at her widened eyes. Red trotted up, puffing slightly. "We'll give you a receipt for the drugs," Red said, picking up the shopping bag. "And the water.".


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