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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

August 2006 Winner: Mariana Williams, Lettuce Prey
Honorable Mention: Dana Lambrose, Well Done
Honorable Mention: Paul Halewijn, Is That It?
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August 2006 Honorable Mention
Well Done
by Dana Lambrose

    Sherry swallowed her last bite of hope. Raw passion and rare tenacity was all she could sink her teeth into. Her brain froze as numb as her fingertips as she sat down to begin yet another rewrite of her novel.
     She’d sent her query letter to sixty agents, after having rewritten it thirty-seven times. In return she’d received fifty-five responses, “No thanks, not for me.” Yet, five agents had requested to read her manuscript; four of which had been returned with the dreaded form letter.
     Initially, she’d taken it in stride. “There goes another agent who will kick herself someday,” she’d said as she’d trashed each rejection. But lately, she was the one who’d been kicking herself. She’d spent two years of her life sitting at her computer absorbed in writing fiction while the real world passed her by.
    Discouraged, she hadn’t slept in two nights and couldn’t remember when she’d eaten last. Yet, she fired up her computer, heated up the grill demanding her mind thaw out and dish up a few words of literary genius.
     Her husband entered the room and set a hamburger in front of her on her desk, saying, “Eat up, a future best-selling author needs her strength.” Then he handed her an envelope. The return address was that of the agent holding the fifth manuscript she’d sent out. Her hands trembled as she opened the letter and read aloud, “I would like to represent your novel. It is of rare quality. Well done!”


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