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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

August 2006 Winner: Mariana Williams, Lettuce Prey
Honorable Mention: Dana Lambrose, Well Done
Honorable Mention: Paul Halewijn, Is That It?
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August 2006 Winner
Lettuce Prey
by Mariana Williams

    “But, how?” Claudine whined. “We’ve tried everything to infiltrate their world!”
    “The same way the Simbouka infested the Yutoo Species, a thousand years ago. Don’t you know your history?”
    The elder lashed his tail, slamming it to the floor with a thud. “It’s true in our larva state we aren’t powerful, Claudine.” He blinked for the first time in weeks. “We are light, and without independent mobility. Rooted to the ground we suffer communication gaps with our hosts. However, the Ninth Council of Intergalactic Research has an announcement. They’ve devised a route for our species to infiltrate the body, soul and psyche of Earthlings.”
    She wrapped herself around a pole and waited.
    “The presentation begins in seventeen nana seconds,” the elder said. A high pitched sound and pale green light signaled a young scholar as he slithered up to the podium.
    “Thank you for your patience,” he hissed softly. Using his upper prongs he adjusted a board on a tripod.
    “Is a picture beneath that black drape?” Claudine whispered to the elder.
    “Earthlings are complicated,” the young serpent began. “We cannot decode each language, or replicate their image. But the Ninth Degree has a solution. I’m announcing a route by which our green, leafy larvae enter humans. Studies surmise after a long incubation, 975 generations of lettuce eaters will be rendered powerless. With DNA forever altered, we will rise and conquer!”
    ”How?” they hissed.
    With flourish, the young serpent yanked the drape.
    “Hamburger with lettuce and tomato.”


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