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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

April 2006 Winner: Mike Dunn, The Door
Honorable Mention: Janet DeMarco, The Rock Tryst
Honorable Mention: Polly Dunn, Only An Eye Opener
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April 2006 Winner
The Door
by Mike Dunn

    The dragon slayer's pulse raced as he reached his hand out towards the door. Years of hard work and dedicated training were sure to be rewarded if he could defeat the legendary beast sitting on the other side of the wooded entryway. With heart in throat, aspirations set high, and lit torch clenched tightly in fist, he pressed open the door and ventured forth into the bowels of the dungeon.
    It took only moments for him to stumble upon the skeletons and half-munched leftovers of those who were brave enough to precede him. The overpowering stench of death forced the slayer to cover his face. Glancing up from the safety of his hands, he found a pair of bright crimson eyes glaring back at him from a shadowed corner. With a snort, the beast blew out the slayer's torch. Darkness blanketed the dungeon.
    "Are you ready to meet your maker?" a thunderous voice bellowed out.
    "I will not go down without a fight." The slayer defiantly remarked.
    "You humans are a stubborn sort, I must say."
    "If we are to get on with this, at least have the decency to show yourself."
    A single fireball shot across the room to ignite the slayer's torch. He looked up and discovered that the fearsome monster was nothing more than a cute little baby dragon. The slayer walked over to the adorable creature and patted it on the head. It was then when the dragon ate him..


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