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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

September 2005 Winner: Carol Gandolfo, The Shadow
Honorable Mention: Paul Halewijn, All Fall Down
Honorable Mention: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Shadow Sibling
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October Contest Winner
The Shadow
by Carol Gandolfo

    Susan struggled awake from her prone position on the couch and listened to the sound that had interrupted her dream. She thought she could hear the creaking of the back screen door. Was someone trying to break in? She forced herself off the couch, knocking the still-warm lasagna to the floor.
    She staggered into the dark kitchen and grabbed a knife from the counter. Cautiously, she approached the back door. The creaking continued. She looked at the knife in her hand. Her hand was already wet and shaking furiously. Would she drop it? Good thing her son was at his grandmother's tonight.
    She continued forward. Why didn't she just call the police? At he window, she reached toward the curtain. What would she do if someone were out there? Fight? Stab them? Scream? A thousand drums pounded inside her head. A band of steel squeezed her chest, cutting off her breath. Struggling to keep her hand still, she parted the curtain less than an inch and peered through the darkness. A large figure loomed outside, arms reaching toward the sky. She almost screamed as she jerked away from the window and backed into the corner. Slowly, she slid to the floor, the knife clutched tightly in her fist. She crouched, her entire body shaking, her mind numb. In her terror she passed out.
    Next to her in the darkness, the stove continued to cool, the clicking slowly fading away. On the back porch wall, the shadow of her son's action figure swayed as a slight breeze swung it across the window where he had tied it earlier in the day.


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