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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

November 2005 Winner: Mike Dunn, Reincarlnation
Honorable Mention: Donna Holland, Please, Tell Me Why!
Honorable Mention: H. Henry Minick, The Tsunami
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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November Honorable Mention
The Tsunami
by H. Henry Minick

    Gulls winged over animal carcasses on the sand amid torn boats, their ribs drying in the sun. A child’s plaintiff cry, “Mommy!” echoed where the tsunami destroyed the low lying island.
    “Can I help you?” I asked the little boy drying his eyes with his fist.
    “I want my mommy.”
    “When did you last see her?”
    “She put me into a kettle. A big wave came and lifted me up here.”
    “What is your name?”
    “Jesus Rodriguez.”
    “Where do you live?”
    “In Santa Ana, but my mother is a cook in a café on the island. I want her.” He sobbed.
    I looked across the barren debris strewn sand where a populated city once thrived. I can’t tell him his mother
is probably dead.
    “Come with me,” I said, “I’ll take you to people who can help you find her, and he followed me.


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