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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

November 2005 Winner: Mike Dunn, Reincarlnation
Honorable Mention: Donna Holland, Please, Tell Me Why!
Honorable Mention: H. Henry Minick, The Tsunami
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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November Honorable MEntion
Please, Tell Me Why!
by Donna Holland

    It was 1937, as I sat watching Betty Grable in “The Case of the Lucky Legs” for a third time. I had returned, finding no one home after the first viewing. My cousin Billy burst into the theatre and said I needed to go home because my Dad had been hurt.
    I apprehensively entered the house buzzing with family and neighbors, while Momma sat weeping on the edge of her bed. When she noticed me, she scooped me into her arms and hugged and rocked me repeating “Oh our poor, poor Daddy.”
    It wasn’t till the next day that I overheard the message, he was DEAD! The words hit me like a fist in my gut. My legs collapsed and I fell into a chair by the table, as my breath came flooding back with a lifetime of memories of my Dad. “Why?” I questioned. My Daddy was a good man, a Christian man. He used to trade his co-workers three days of work to get Sunday off, so he could take us to church. He taught by example. Momma used to boast, that us four boys could undress Daddy in the front pew and he’d never notice because he was so intent on that sermon. Four little boys would no longer be seen dashing up the road helter-skelter, to partake in this man’s love.
“Heavenly Father, Daddy taught me that you are a loving and just God, so please answer why, “why my Daddy?”

In loving memory of my Grandfather James Gillam Holland and my father, Robert Byron Holland.


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