Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

May 2005 Winner: Paul Halewijn, I'll Take It From Here
Honorable Mention: Shelia Cassidy, The Interview
Honorable Mention: Bill Thomas, My Silver Slippers
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May Honorable Mention
My Silver Slippers
by Bill Thomas

      In years long ago, I was known as a second Agatha Christie. I wrote so many mysteries I forgot who I was. The "who-dun-its" done it to me.
      Now, I am a columnist who will write 4 food. I write for a cheap, little, fast-food joint. I am not allowed to mention their name. I'm dieting so
I usually get paid in pickles and onions for flavor, some fries for fiber, and a few dabs of peanut butter on a spoon.
      I'm on my smoke-break right now. I enjoy a good stogie after lunch, but the law says I have to sit outside while exhaling.
      There are no lens in the glass frames. These are to make me look intellectual.
      Long ago, I owned a pair of silver slippers.
      One day when the doorbell rang, there stood a tall, handsome delivery man with a pizza.
      When he noticed my silver slippers, he said, "I wish I had a pair like those to give to my girlfriend."
      I said, "Instead of paying for the pizza, I'll trade you my slippers for the pizza and your shoes."
      We agreed, even if his shoes were two sizes too big for me.
      The pizza was good, and I'm glad they cut it in six pieces because I couldn't eat eight.
      If you're wondering what the man wore on his feet after he gave his shoes to me... well, there I go being a mystery writer again.