Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

May 2005 Winner: Paul Halewijn, I'll Take It From Here
Honorable Mention: Shelia Cassidy, The Interview
Honorable Mention: Bill Thomas, My Silver Slippers
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May Honorable Mention
The Interview
by Shelia Cassidy

      Ari tosses the picture to Munif. The FBI agents are assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Section, but working the Inland Empire Area. Munif glances at it, shakes his head and looks at Ari.
      “You gotta be kidding. What did she do?”
      “According to the informant, she’s in Cuba. See that cigar? Cuban,” Ari said.
      “OK, so who do we interview?”
      “The daughter – secretary for a religious group.”
      Ari and Munif walk through the garage to their assigned sedan. Munif turns the key – “click.” Several more tries produce the same result.
      Finally the mechanic walks over and says “Oh, thought you wouldn’t need it today so I loaned your battery to Agent Donaldson so he could make the LA Seminar.”
      Munif stares at the mechanic, shakes his head, and walks over to his own car, a C230 Kompressor. He and Ari drive out of the Garage onto a busy street.
      “One of these days I’m going to get that mechanic.”
      Ari grins:”No you won’t – he has too many ways of getting back.”
      Ari and Munif discuss how they will interview the daughter about the old woman.
      Munif asks: “Did anyone confirm she was actually IN Cuba?”
      “No, the photo arrived with a one-word note – Cuba.”
      They locate the house, park in front, and stride up the walkway. Just as Munif presses the doorbell, the door opens. It’s Granny, complete with cigar.
      “Hands off Cuba” T-shirt. Granny looks at the gleaming Benz.
      “Guess the government isn’t as broke as I thought.”