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Monthly Writing Contest

May 2005 Winner: Paul Halewijn, I'll Take It From Here
Honorable Mention: Shelia Cassidy, The Interview
Honorable Mention: Bill Thomas, My Silver Slippers
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May Contest Winner
I'll Take it From Here
by Paul Halewijn

      Pushing through the door he finds himself alone on a stage. The room is dark, reeking of smoke, bad breath, and armpits. He trudges through the dim when suddenly a far door opens casting a bright stream of white light. Though blinded momentarily, he sees the silhouette of bodies, customers surely, shuffling toward the seats. Surprised by the commotion, he realizes he recognizes one of them. It’s his old friend, Bob Hope. Before shouting a greeting, he sees more people entering and more familiar faces. Behind Bob are Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra with Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis alone naturally. Shock begins to register. He recognizes a group of Kennedy’s, George Washington and finally, Ben Franklin. “Wait a minute,” he thinks, "these people are all dead. Where am I?”
      The house lights dim and the stage lights rise. He hears a familiar hush come over the audience, the show is about to begin?
      P.T. Barnum dances in from stage left. “Welcome, to the Greatest Show on Earth! We have a newcomer tonight at the Purgatory Lounge. He made the poor choice of portraying God in his former life. To seek penance, and move up to the big show, he will perform nightly, dressed in a Phyllis Diller costume, including underwear, for the next millennium. The Purgatory Lounge welcomes, Mr. George Burns!”
      George now understands. Grinning, Barnum hands George the mike, “Welcome Mr. Burns”. “Thanks, sonny.” George says, “I’ll take it from here.”