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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

March 2005 Winner: Carol Hogan, Hurricane Cake
Honorable Mention: Polly Dunn, The Artist's Model
Honorable Mention: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Sea Story
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions.

This image used courtesy of the Geek Philosopher Website -  http://geekphilosopher.com

March Honorable Mention
Sea Story
by Dr. Joyce Wheeler

      He was a powerful man within his yellow, slickered, hooded overcoat. One would expect him to be in charge of a fishing vessel fighting swells off the shore of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. But, here he was, bearded, enjoying his pipe in Bartlesville, Oklahoma!
      Human traffic paused near the aquarium, where he sat on a huge murky fish tak, then continued to stride and allow him his dignity. He remembered a sea song with the refrain, "Land Breeze shivers me knees, me knees...Sea Breeze straightens me knees!" He would be able to stride, eventually. He would deal with this. He had endured the sea and its population of Atlantic Wolffish, Sailfish and the ever seductive White Shark. He would be accepted once he was honest - as he always was with the sea creatures.
      Oh, the anger in the storm an' the coffee rummed an' warm an' the sloppin' up the pot of Cookey's stew." The ditty bombarded his mind with memories of his crew singing, "Oh, fire up the coal! Sea danger is me goal! Oh, here I come, Cap'n friend, to cruise with you!"
      In the murky water of the tank was the significant reason he had traveled to Oklahoma - a golden mermaid, accompanied by a huge octupus. She had pleaded to live far from her origins and he had no choice but to placate her. He realized with a stab of longing he had few choices left.
      "Oh, what in firey hell shall I do!


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