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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

March 2005 Winner: Carol Hogan, Hurricane Cake
Honorable Mention: Polly Dunn, The Artist's Model
Honorable Mention: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, Sea Story
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions.

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March Honorable Mention
The Artist's Model
by Polly Dunn

      “So, who am I again, Martha?” he asked, fingering the bowl on his pipe.
      “You are Ernest Hemingway in the Old Man and the Sea,” the woman said with a nod of her head. “And you really do look so much like him, dear” she said smiling.
      “I think I look more like the Gorton’s Fisherman…..I ought to be selling frozen fish or something…” and he fidgeted a bit with his yellow slicker.
      The woman stood in front of a large easel and playfully slapped at the canvas with broad strokes of yellow paint while her patient husband indulged her craft and posed a few yards in front of her.
      “I liked it a lot better when your hobby was baking. You made one heck of a good apple pie. I liked helping you then…eating is a lot more fun than posing….when we’re done here, let’s go out for some fish to eat…what do you say?”
      “All you think about is food,” and she shook her head.
      “You could maybe pay me for my work by baking a cake?” he questioned.
      “I would even settle for chocolate chip cookies…” but he could see he was getting nowhere.
      “Try not to think about food, Henry” and she gave him that look that wives so often give to husbands who try their patience.
      “I’m only thinking of you, dear,” he smiled as he said it.
      “After all, aren’t you going to want the best Santa Claus model around?”


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