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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

June 2005 Winner: Polly Dunn, Lost or Found?
Honorable Mention: Victory Crayne, Last Train
Honorable Mention: Paul Halwijn, Last Call
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June Contest Winner
Lost or Found?
by Polly Dunn

     It seemed awfully dark to the young boy and he was afraid that he was really quite lost. He knew his mother would be worried and very angry with him for wandering off like this. He saw a tall man with glasses and a railroad cap standing looking at his watch. He thought he might as well go ask this stranger for help as wander around in the dark.
     “Sir,” questioned the young boy, “can you help me. I think I’m lost.”
     “Are you Mark?” the man asked in return.
     “Why, yes, I am…do you know me?” replied the boy.
     “I’ve been waiting for you. Now we can go.” And the conductor closed the cover on his pocket watch and tucked it into his pocket.
     “My mother would be very mad if I went with you. I can’t do that, sir.”
     “Your mother has known for some time now that you would be taking this trip. She won’t be mad. Besides, she will be on my train soon herself.” The man put out his hand for the boy to hold.
     “I’m not very well, sir, and I need to take medicine…I don’t have it with me.”
     “You won’t need any medicine ever again and that’s a promise, Mark.”
     “Is this the little engine that could?” asked Mark.
     “This is definitely the little engine that could and we are bound for Glory. I will even let you blow the horn.” The two walked off together and boarded the train.


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