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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

July 2005 Winner: Barbara Schnell, Cold Comfort
Honorable Mention: Janet DeMarco, Art Critic #5
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, The Model
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions.

July Honorable Mention
Art Critic #5
by Janet DeMarco

     I’m at a gallery with four art-savvy club members. I’m determined to learn ad appreciate the fine world of art. These club members appear to doubt my ability in the matter. The artist greets us, and presumes we know who she is. They do. I don’t. She stops at a half-finished sculpture.
     What the heck is it? Oh my! It must be her masterpiece.
     All four women appear mesmerized. My first Impression – I don’t like it. After a few minutes, the artist speaks softly.
     Artist “Please critique the sculpture …”
     Oh, glory! What’s her name is expecting some great insight.
     Critic 1 “It’s human existence emerging from inanimate creation.”
               Emerging? Not quite finished, I’d say.
     Critic 2 “This is a woman leaping toward her true self.”
           It’s a frog looking back to find a fly for lunch!
     Critic 3 “A woman, but, incomplete – straining for fulfillment.”
                         I still see a hungry frog.
     Critic 4 “Woman – rejoicing in her sentience.”
                              Her what?
     Artist---“And what is your vision, dear?”
                 She’s asking me! I cannot tell a lie…
                      I see an incomplete frog –
     All four critics stare – embarrassed for me with amused annoyance.
     Artist---“Exactly! A frog. The mythical male – an incomplete but inherent source of the female’s ability to emerge to her highest level of humanity. Both male and female reach their highest destiny only through one another.”
     I stand tall with a triumphant smile. I’m art critic #5!


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