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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

August 2005 Winner: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, A Brief Encounter
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Seymour's Dilemma
Honorable Mention: Barbara Schnell, Skunk Story
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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August Honorable Mention
Seymour's Dilemma
by Carol Gandolfo

     Seymour sat in his bed, his chin cupped in his hands. He felt awful. How could he have done such a thing? He rolled his eyes toward the ceiling and moaned.
    “Son. Are you okay?” His father looked into the room.
    Seymour looked up as his father entered his bedroom and began to cry. “I’m sorry, dad. I didn’t mean it.”
    Tears ran down Seymour’s cheek as he watched his adoptive father enter the room and sit down on the bed. Seymour looked up at his father and knew he could never be like him. How could they forgive him after what he had done? He cried louder.
    “Hey. Don’t take it so hard. It was an accident. You didn’t do it on purpose.” His father reached out and lifted Seymour’s chin.
    “I didn’t know,” Seymour wailed.
    “Listen, son. It’s something we should have thought about. It’s more our fault than yours. If we had told you, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”
    “I’m so sorry,” Seymour sniffed.
    “Hey, everything will be alright. This is a lesson for all of us. You did what your instinct told you to do.”
    “It was terrible. Will mom ever forgive me?”
    “I guess we never thought how you would respond when confronted by a large dog.”
    Seymour’s mother called. “Honey, can you bring me some more tomato juice.”
    Seymour sniffed again and wipe at his eyes.
    Mr. Badger smiled. “Next time, just remember to spray away from your mother.”


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