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Will Write 4 Food
Monthly Writing Contest

August 2005 Winner: Dr. Joyce Wheeler, A Brief Encounter
Honorable Mention: Carol Gandolfo, Seymour's Dilemma
Honorable Mention: Barbara Schnell, Skunk Story
View the 2005 Will Write 4 Food catalogue of winners & honorable mentions. View the contest rules.

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August Contest Winner
A Brief Encounter
by Dr. Joyce Wheeler

     The first choice Cash had, was to inhabit a jackrabbit in Arizona. That gig had incredible perquisites but he opted to be a skunk in Nevada. He wanted to keep tabs on her after his untimely death. He inhabited the skunk then slipped into the same motel room where they had initiated their brief and volatile marriage – brief because one of her goons buried him to his neck in the desert then placed a bucket over his head! He felt that was really shabby spirited of her since she was aware of his claustrophobia.
     Earlier, however, she had been sentimental enough to have “Cash” tattooed on her right breast. He mused that she ought to have “Cold” tattooed on her other boob.
     He recognized the loaded .45 on the floor near her four-inch heels tossed by the narrow bed and knew he had scored another satisfying glimpse of her. Then, he heard her seductive tones interspersed with the deep tones of yet another man through the bath area wall. Their low chatter was that of Las Vegas newlyweds and he felt combined longing and loathing. He wondered if they had driven through the chapel in his Porsche.
     Cash heard her request that the groom should do his Elvis impersonation so he scurried beneath the covers to await them with his aroma ammunition. He was fearless! After all, once the horrified newlyweds blew him away with her .45, he figured he could still inhabit a jackrabbit in Arizona.


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