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“Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.”

--Rainer Maria Rilke

Allan Holzman

Speaker: Allan Holzman

Date: May 17, 2014





In his 30-year career Allan has proven himself a skilled filmmaking chameleon. His work as the director-editor of Steven Spielberg's "Survivors of the Holocaust", won Allan two Emmy Awards and a Peabody. His feature documentaries "Old Man River" and "Sounds Of Memphis" earned a combined eight best documentary film awards.


His new book, "Celluloid Wars" is based on his experiences editing and directing for Roger Corman with a companion feature documentary "C-C-Cut: Autobiography Of A Stuttering Filmmaker."  Allan will discuss his book and screen his film for us!

Writers will both enjoy and be amazed and helped by hearing how a man used his life experiences to write a book that is a must read in Hollywood, and also see the proof on his film, “C-C-Cut: Autobiography of a Stuttering Filmmaker.”

For SCWA writers this is win-win, we all use elements of our own lives to inhabit characters in our stories, and Allan will share how some from his life became the most bizarre characters he ever created!

Allan began editing under the "Roger Corman Film School" which famously launched the careers of a who's who of Hollywood greats. Allan has directed five narrative feature films including the hilarious, action-packed "Mutant" (aka Forbidden World), recently released by Shout and the faux documentary "Grunt! The Wrestling Movie." His psychological thriller, "Intimate Stranger with Deborah Harry still stands as Showtime's highest rated film.

More recently, Allan has challenged himself to a wide variety of projects, including an interactive, multi-screen video for 20th Century Fox, The Titanic Attraction; whimsical documentaries accompanying the DVD releases of Walt Disney classics "Cinderella," "The Lion King," "Aladdin," "Lady And The Tramp" and "Pocahontas;" a bio-doc about television humor pioneer Sheldon Leonard, producer of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Andy Gffith Show," and "I Spy," a documentary with the American Film Institute Archives, "The Art Of Directing with Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Francois Truiffaut;" and the editing of two pop culture-filled feature documentaries: "Trek Nation" and "My Marilyn" (also directed and produced by Allan).

His new documentary "The Professor," features UC Berkeley's uniquely inspiring Landscape Architecture professor Chip Sullivan. For the past few years, Allan has used his editing skills to help first time directors transform their documentaries into compelling films. They include: "Refusenik," "America The Beautiful 2," "Iceberg Slim Portrait Of A Pimp," "Curtain Up" and "The Paw Project." His new book, "Celluloid Wars" is based on his experiences editing and directing for Roger Corman with a companion feature documentary "C-C-Cut: Autobiography Of A Stuttering Filmmaker."

Join us this month for a very special event – a movie and a speaker and a great meal, along with fellowship with our SCWA writers.

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Sheri Fink

Speaker: Sheri Fink

"Marketing Secrets from a Best-Selling Independent Author"

Sheri Fink is a #1 best-selling, award-winning children’s author, creator of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” children’s brand, and an international speaker. Sheri writes books that inspire and delight children while planting seeds of self-esteem. Her first children’s book, The Little Rose, was a #1 best-seller on Amazon for over 60 weeks, became the #1 top-rated e-book on Amazon, and received a gold medal in the 2012 Readers Favorite International Book Awards. Her subsequent books (The Little Gnome, The Little Firefly, and Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose) have all been #1 best-sellers. Her children’s book series received the Gold Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in family friendly entertainment. In 2013, Sheri was selected by CBS Los Angeles as one of the top three authors in her local area, a distinction she shares with Dean Koontz.

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