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“The first step - especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money - the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.”

--Chuck Palahniuk

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Date: June 16, 2018

Speaker: Mark Sevi

Topic: "Podcasts"

Mark Sevi

Mark Sevi is a professional scriptwriter with over 30 scripts sold, 19 made into feature films including “Devil’s Knot” starring Academy-award winning actors Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth.  He is repped by Wayne Alexander of Alexander, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz, LLP.

Mark also teaches scriptwriting on the campus of Irvine Valley College through the Continuing Education department.  His classes have been ongoing for over twenty years.  (IVC).

In 2009, with the help of some amazingly talented individuals, Mark founded the Orange County Screenwriters Association (website) which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to all filmmakers, amateur and professional, through community, high school, and college outreach.  OC Screenwriters plans events that feature Hollywood industry speakers and professional, and sponsors contest that turn short scripts into film.

As part of a rotating group of teachers, Mark lectures at colleges around Southern California and Oregon on scriptwriting and filmmaking.

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Upcoming July 21, 2018:

Speaker: Jeff Lyons

Date: July 21, 2018

Topic: "Finding the Heart of Your Story"

Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons is a published author, screenwriter, editor and story development consultant with more than 25 years experience in the film, television, and publishing industries. After two successful appearances at SCWA, he’s coming back by popular demand. His talk will focus on isolating the major conflicts in the story, the theme, and the heart of their story. After his presentation, Jeff will open up the time to do one-on-one with the audience and their story ideas, allowing everyone to see how to practically implement the day’s lessons.