Random Writing Quote:

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

--W. Somerset Maugham

Jared Kuritz

Speaker: Jared Kuritz

Date: August 15, 2015

"Business Modeling for Writers"

From the moment you plan to publish your book, you are starting a business. What is your business model?  What role will your book play in that model? How do you plan to create, deliver, and capture value from what you are bringing to market? How do you quantify what determines success? How do you gauge progress?  During this session, you will be taught how to pinpoint answers to these questions so that you can create a solid business model for your book and publish with a purpose.

Jared is a managing partner of STRATEGIES, a firm that focuses on literary development, business modeling, marketing, and public relations for traditional and small press authors of all genres. Jared is also the director of the La Jolla Writers Conference — dedicated to teaching writers about the art, craft, and business of writing.

Upcoming speaker for September 19, 2015:

Dean Nelson

Speaker: Dean Nelson

"What the Greats Have Taught Me"

Dean Nelson is the founder and director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. He writes occasionally for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Christianity Today, Sojourners, and several other national publications. He has won several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for his reporting, and has written or co-written 14 books. Nelson is a frequent speaker at writing workshops around the world.

In addition to directing the PLNU journalism program, Nelson also hosts the annual Writer’s Symposium By The Sea, where prominent writers come to discuss the craft of writing.

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